Do you remember your first day of school? A day full of the unexpected: an unfamiliar school, a confusing list of classes, new friends that you hope will like you – it’s enough to make you want to run home and hide under the covers!

The first day of dog training can feel like the epitome of you and your pup’s first day of class. As an owner, you know that investing the time into helping your dog learn many skills that will help them grow and thrive, and will ultimately help you both to grow closer together. However, if you have never taken part in a K9 Training course, you may be anxious as to what to expect.

Depending on the kind of training you are looking for, and the style of class that you are attending, the experience of your obedience and skill training may look different. However, there are some basics to dog training classes that you can expect when you arrive. Knowing what lies ahead can help you and your dog prepare for what is likely to be a fun time of training and growth!

Know The Kind Of K9 Training You Are In For

The biggest differences in your K9 training experience will depend on the type and style of class that your dog is heading to. Just as you may have had your first hour in biology and your second in history, there are a variety of classes and courses that your dog can attend, depending on the level of training provided by your trainer. When you head in for dog training, you may expect any of the following possible courses and trainings:

  • General Socialization
  • Reactivity Training
  • Obedience Training
  • Specific Behavior-Specific Training
  • Advanced Competitive Skills
  • Unique and Professional Skills Certifications

What To Expect At K9 Training

If you are signing up for a basic K9 training, you can expect to begin attending a class weekly that will feature hour-long sessions focused on teaching your dog the basics in obedience training. On average, K9 training classes will last anywhere from a month to two months, with some advanced courses lasting even longer for skills certifications or professional training.

In some cases, dogs will attend a specific training in order to overcome specific behaviors that need correction – such as jumping, pulling, and negative responses to humans or other animals. In these unique training sessions, your experience and length of class may differ as the trainer will work personally with you to help your dog overcome their behavioral issues in a way that works and lasts

When you come to your K9 Training course, you can expect to meet with your trainer, who will give you an overview of what to expect, and how the class will function. In some cases, your K9 training may be personal, or it may be with a group of other dogs and their owners. Typically, the class will begin with focusing on the basic commands and the methods by which to teach them to your dog effectively. Throughout the training, an effort will be placed on helping you and your pup communicate better and build trust for all future training sessions.

Not only will your dog begin to learn and adapt to unique training methods, but as an owner you will be taught how to better understand canine behavior, how they learn best, and the methods that are required to help your dog master their skills through positive reinforcement. Your trainer will likely utilize a specific technique or skill system that rewards the dog for successful completion of a command or obedience.

Over time, you will quickly discover the unique ways that your dog learns, and the best methods to help them achieve mastery of their skills. Take your time, be patient, and watch with amazement as your dog quickly learns more than you could have ever expected! With any luck, you’ll be watching with teary-eyes as your doggy earns their K9 diploma with full honors!

Train In Confidence With The Leading Montreal Dog Trainer

The team of expert dog trainers at the Seirios K9 Academy know how stressful it can be to step into your first dog training experience. No matter the style of class or the level of skill you dog already possesses, a member of the Seirios K9 Academy is here to help you and your pooch get started with the latest in training courses and a kind, friendly face that your dog will love!

Want to learn more about what to expect at a Seirios K9 Academy training course, or want to discover how your dog can benefit from a training routine? Contact our team today. As the Montreal region’s leading dog training team, Seirios K9 Academy is ready to help you and your furry best friend learn the skills needed to have a fun and fulfilling life! Contact us today to learn more.