Ahh, the puppy years. There is nothing cuter than a new puppy, with their happy demeanor, endless energy, and picture-perfect cuteness!

Then there’s the accidents in the house.

The endless barking at night.

The jumping on everyone and chewing on everything.

Many new puppy owners often reach out to dog trainers asking for guidance for puppy training. One question we receive more than any other is “How early should I start training my puppy?” Some owners may wonder if there is a “magical age” at which canines are able to begin learning the skill necessary to obey and respond to commands. The good news? You can start training as early as you are ready to!

As dog lovers ourselves, we understand that the early puppy months and years can be fun and exciting, while simultaneously frustrating and hair-pulling. However, with a bit of patience and the right training, your puppy can quickly learn how to become the fun-loving, well-behaved dog that they were made to be.

Start Early & Train With Patience

When it comes to skill and obedience training with puppies, the first step is to start training early. Within the first weeks to months of a puppy’s life, many of their behaviors and expectations will begin to form and cement themselves into normalized behaviors and actions – so it is vital that you begin to put into place a set of training routines that will help them quickly adapt to their new life and home. 

With the help of a skilled and trained dog obedience and skill expert, you can develop a personalized training plan for your puppy that guides them through the basic skills that they will need to develop as they grow. 

The key to successful puppy training is patience. As a new dog, their entire world is a brand new place full of exciting and interesting things to explore. Don’t be surprised when your puppy finds themselves in quite a bit of mischief. Take heart knowing that with the right set of training and a lot of intentional time, your puppy will soon master the skills necessary to grow into a responsible dog!

The First Skills Your Puppy Should Master

Wondering what the first set of skills your puppy should begin mastering at a young age? Here is our list of the top skills you should teach your young dog to help them live a vibrant and fun life with you:

1. Potty & Crate Training

There is nothing more frustrating than those first few weeks and months of consistent accidents. However, remember that your puppy has not learned anything other than to simply go where they are! Have patience, and work with a trainer or training resource to help your puppy learn the proper method for house training and getting comfortable in their crate. 

2. Socialization

Early in a dog’s life, a puppy will learn socialization with the other pups in their litter. Wrestling, playing, and nipping are normal parts of learning how to engage with one another, so don’t be surprised if your pup needs a bit of socialization with other dogs or with you as their owner! Time at a supervised dog park or training with other puppies can work wonders with behavior!

3. Responding To Their Name

One of the best ways to instill the ability to learn and respond is by helping a dog learn to react to hearing their name. Using their name while interacting with them, as well as using various positive-reinforcement techniques can help your puppy quickly respond to their name. This will be beneficial for helping them learn further skills such as responding and walking with you on a leash.

Trust Seirios K9 Academy: Montreal’s Leading Dog Training Services

The team of expert dog trainers at the Seirios K9 Academy knows that the puppy years can be incredibly fun and exasperating at the same time. However, you are not alone in your puppy journey! As a leading dog trainer in the Montreal region, our team of trainers have experience working with dogs of all ages – including rambunctious puppies!

At a Seirios K9 Academy training session, your puppy can learn the skills they need to thrive, and you will discover some of the leading techniques in helping your new puppy grow into their new life. Are you ready to learn more about the dog training services at Seirios K9 Academy, or have questions about how you can help your puppy grow and thrive? Contact our team today to learn more!