If you are considering dog training for your pet, it is vital to find a trainer that is the best in the business. A quality trainer who is great with dogs and their owners can be a wonderful asset to helping everyone enjoy their experience together, and live a long and fulfilling life with some of the important skills needed to thrive. 

At Seirios K9 Academy, we know that finding the right trainer for your dog can often feel like finding a needle in a haystack. To help you find the right dog trainer, here are our five steps to finding the best dog trainer.

1. Find The Trainer Who Offers The Right Services

When it comes to selecting a trainer for your dog, the options may seem endless, and you may feel tempted to simply find the closest or cheapest option and move forward. However, finding the trainer that offers the right services is vital to ensuring short-term wins and long-term success.

One of the first questions to ask of a new dog trainer is what age range they offer services for. Is your dog a new puppy, or an older dog? Are they generally calm, or are they a rescue with a bit of stranger-danger anxiety? Determining the age range that a trainer works with will help you ensure that they are trained with age-specific training routines.

Another area to consider is the type of training you are looking for. Do you need general, all-around training that features a variety of skills and outcomes, or is there a particular issue or behavior that you need a trainer’s help overcoming? 

By selecting a trainer that has experience with the unique needs of your dog,  you can ensure that your time and money goes to the best – and most rewarding – training experience for you and your dog.

2. Make Sure YOU Love and Trust Your Trainer

Another important step in finding the right dog trainer is to ensure that you get along with the trainer as well as your dog does! Part of the dog training process is helping owners learn how to help their dogs continue in their skill-learning outside the classroom. This means that you will do your fair share of learning from the trainer as well. 

Does the trainer seem skilled in personal interaction? Are they able to clearly explain what they are doing and the commands they are giving? Make sure that you can get along with the trainer yourself before starting any skill learning.

3. Are They Experienced, & Do They Have Proof of Results?

Just because you get along well with a trainer doesn’t necessarily mean they have the skills required to deliver quality training. Another important step in choosing the right dog trainer to determine their level of expertise in training. Ask to see their certifications and experience, and check out other dog owner’s reviews to give you a real feel for how a particular trainer delivers results.

4. Count The Cost

Our final step in choosing the right trainer is important, but one that should never lead your decision-making process: cost. The same as any other service or product, in the world of dog-training you will often get what you pay for in terms of quality service. Take a good look at the costs of single-class and ongoing training sessions to help you get a feel for what to expect.

However, remember that dog training is an investment in the life of your dog and your own experience as their owners. By seeing the cost as an investment rather than a sacrifice, you can determine the best trainer for the money.

Trust The Best Montreal Dog Trainers

As dog lovers, we understand that you want the best for your furry best friend. At Seirios K9 Academy, our team of dog training experts are trained in helping dogs achieve the desired behavioral outcomes and ensure that their owners have a great experience along the way. 

From personalized training courses to general skill learning, Seirios K9 Academy trainers are experienced in helping dogs and owners develop the abilities they need to live a strong and thriving life. 

A leading dog training company in the Montreal region, Seirios K9 Academy is here to help you find the best training and obedience services for both you, your pet, and your budget. Contact our team today to learn more!