Have you ever wondered what the most important skills are for a dog? When it comes to investing in dog training, here are our top picks for skills you will want your furry friend to master.

One of the best parts of bringing home a dog is the companionship and fun that a furry friend adds to your life. As a pet parent, you want the best for your pup – from the highest-quality dog food to the latest in doggy-tech for ensuring safety and comfort. 

When it comes to ensuring that your pup has a happy and healthy life, a bit of training may be just what the veterinarian ordered. For dogs, specific training regimens can be helpful for increasing the unique connection between pet and owner, as well as teaching them basic skills to encourage healthy behaviors and develop deeper levels of trust with other people and animals. If your dog struggles with anxiety or is a bit wilder than you would prefer, teaching and training them to follow basic commands can work wonders.

From teaching Fido how to fetch to encouraging proper housetraining and crating behavior, here are some of the tip skills that you need to teach your furry best friend. All of the following skills and tricks can be learned and taught by a dog-training professional:

Obedience Training

Obedience is ninety percent of  dog training .The various acts of training are flowers of the plant, which is obedience. They cannot blossom without the plant, which bears them. There cannot be a trained dog that is not a quick and willing slave to obedience. The obedient dog catches the slightest command of the master. He stops or starts instantly upon command. He fears the stern voice, the upraised hand and the reprimand of his master. If he is barking, a command stops him instantly; if he is running across the street, a loud command stops him in his tracks. To obtain the perfect obedience from a dog it is well to begin in his puppy days, as early as the age of three months. Then he has little memory but soon can learn the difference between pleasing and displeasing his master. After the age of six months, disobedience should not be overlooked.

Focusing Abilities

Your dog is a lot smarter than you may give them credit for! A dog has the ability to learn specific skills such as focusing on their owner, which can be helpful for quickly getting their attention in moments when they may be tempted to bark, lunge, jump, or run. If you can teach your dog how to respond to a gesture or a look, then you can help them learn how to obey many other commands through building their focus.

Walking & Leash Training

Dogs need to exercise, and for many pooches, they can’t wait to get out and explore the world outside their home. Walks are a great way to get exercise for both owners and pets, but a dog who is unable to properly walk on a leash can create a nightmare scenario for an owner. Dogs aren’t born with leash-walking knowledge, so it is important to slowly develop leash-walking skills that encourage the dog to walk at a proper distance at a pace that you set. 

Crate Training

In some instances, a dog will need to be crated at night or while their owners are away. A crate can either be a dog’s best friend, or an owner’s worst nightmare. Starting early and helping a dog have a positive crate-training experience can help them learn to love their crate as a bed and place of comfort. Not only will this increase a dog’s trust and decrease their stress, but it will allow you to sleep and travel in peace!

Get Started With The Montreal Dog Training Experts

Are you ready to help your furry friend learn and master the skills listed above? Whether they are a brand new puppy or a seasoned old friend, there are many tricks and skills that you can teach your dog with the help of a trained dog expert. 

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