When it comes to owning a dog, there are a variety of reasons that you may consider investing in training. Whether you are looking to help a new puppy learn how to potty outside instead of on your expensive carpet, or you are looking for a fun way to teach your furry friend some new skills and tricks, training is a great way to help instill life-long skills that build confidence, trust, and loyalty. 

However, is investing in a skilled dog trainer worth the investment? What can you expect to gain from the money and time you invest in a trainer? To help you learn more about why you should invest in high-quality dog training, here are 8 reasons you should consider working with a trainer for your dog.

8 Reasons You Should Invest In Dog Training

1. Help Them Become Good Houseguests

From the moment you arrive home with your new dog in tow, your furry friend will quickly become part of the family. To ensure that they become the roommate you want them to be, it is important to invest in high-quality dog training that teaches them how to react properly to people, animals, and property in the house, as well as the necessary skills such as housetraining and crate training. 

2. Silence The Howl

Dogs are notorious for night time howling and whining, especially if they are crated or in another room away from their beloved owners. In training classes, you will learn the skills and methods necessary to help your dog become comfortable with their surroundings and inhibit the need for unnecessary howling or whining, especially at night or while you are away from your home. 

3. Protect Your Belongings

Dogs love to explore their world, and the desire to chew on anything they can sink their teeth into is strong! Whether they are a puppy just learning how to chew or an older dog facing a bit of anxious boredom, a habit of chewing on furniture or other property can quickly spiral into destruction. With dog training, you can help your furry friend learn what is acceptable to chew on, and the commands you should use to stop negative behavior quickly.

4. Resist Jumping

Dogs love to jump up and try to reach their humans – it’s one of the natural ways that they respond with love! However, depending on the size of your dog, a jump may be a nuisance or may lead to injury. With the proper training, you can help your dog learn the ability to stay calm and respond with commands when tempted to jump. This is a great investment if you don’t want to risk your houseguests becoming an unexpected trampoline!

5. Stopping Biting Behavior

Every dog has a bark, and it’s best if it always stays stronger than their bite. In the early years of puppyhood, biting is a playful way that dogs learn and workout painfully growing teeth. As they grow, dogs must learn that biting is never okay.

In dog training sessions, your pup will learn how to respond in healthy ways, and you will learn how to help them avoid responding to accidental stressors with a biting response. This can be incredibly important if you have children in your home or if your dog is often around other humans or animals. Avoid accidents early with biting training.

6. Socialization

A consistent concern and complaint that we receive from many dog owners is their pets’ difficulty engaging with strange humans or other animals. For a dog, the ability to socialize properly with others is vital to ensuring that they are comfortable in any environment. With dog training, special time is given to helping dogs socialize and become comfortable with other dogs and humans. This can be incredibly beneficial if you have a puppy that is entering into a family with children, or if you are adopting a rescue that may have experienced abuse or trauma in the past.

7. Instill Confidence In Your Dog

When was the last time that you found yourself fearful or anxious about something, only to discover with a bit of exposure and knowledge that it was really nothing to be afraid of? The same is true for your dog! As owners, we love the thought of helping our dogs learn how to grow and thrive, and with dog training, you can ensure that you pup increases their confidence in their ability to respond to you and other dogs through intentional training time.

8. The Joy Of Learning New Tricks!

There is nothing quite like enjoying the fun of your dog having mastered a new trick, and the joy that comes from the fun of showing it off to friends and family! One of the best reasons that you should invest in dog training is the fact that learning new tricks is simply fun. The time you invest in helping your dog learn, master, and enjoy new tricks is a great way to spend intentional time together, and will go leagues in helping your pup trust and love you even more. An investment in the joy and fun of your dog’s life is worth the investment!

A Long-Term Investment With A High ROI

If you are considering dog training, consider the services of a trained, experienced team such as Montreal’s Seirios K9 Academy. At Seirios K9 Academy, our team of trainers are skilled with helping dogs of all breeds and ages learn the skill needed to live a robust, healthy life. Our team works directly with owners to ensure that you learn the methods and skills to help instill training in your dog. 

From the moment you step foot into a Seirios K9 Academy training course, you will begin to see the benefits of investing in a top-rated training company! Contact our team today to learn more