Whether you’re in need of basic dog training, help with a new puppy, solving a behavioural problem or just want a dog with good  manners, you have reached the best educational center for you and your dog. 

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The Best Dog Training Services In The Greater Montreal Area

“Dream Dog” – our unique signature dog training program – has been used to help thousands of dog owners in Montreal, across Canada and even the United States! Other Dog Training Academies only  train dogs how to perform simple tricks for treats or basic obedience. We teach the necessary obedience, on and off leash manners, and modify any unpleasant behavior from minor issues like jumping or barking, to the big ones like separation anxiety or aggression. We are BEHAVIOURAL AND REHABILITATION SPECIALISTS. We don’t back down from any challenges your dog may have, even if other trainers refused your dog or said it’s impossible to “fix”.

Your Dream Dog Awaits

Imagine what it would be like having your own dream dog. A dog that won’t embarrass you when guests come over to your house. Imagine a dog that walks perfectly on or off leash, that you can take anywhere like at a farmer’s market, on a hike, to the park or on a simple stroll in the neighborhood, with the family. It’s never too late! You can train almost any dog whatever you want with persistence, consistency, patience and repetition. WE CAN HELP!

We Are certified dog trainers.
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Offering the best dog training services in Montreal since 2013!

Very nice place: nice people, very professional and they really do a great job with dogs!I'm happy my baby goes there to train, it worths the investment 👌Thank you Seirios K9 🙏
Samira Ait baha
I highly recommend this trainer!
Especially if you have a high energetic dog!
Our Malinois is thriving and he has become a model citizen!

Don’t even think about it! Bring your fur friend to them and you won’t be disappointed!!!
When it came to training my nut of a dog, they did they best job! 100% recommend this team!
We just started training at Seirios with our 6 month old Doberman Drax . He’s a hanfull, but we’re getting there. Chris was very nice to us on our first meeting and explained in details the program he was offering . So far we really enjoy training with Todd and the rest of the staff seems very nice
Caroleen Keegan
Just started my puppy bouvier. He's 14 weeks. Loved the hands on personal service. Professionals and respectful. My Baloo loved the attention and most importantly, learning something new.
Nancy Kokinasidis
Mon chien fait beaucoup de progrès à cette école. Merci beaucoup de ma part et de la part de Dagaz!
I love working with Chris and his team. They have helped me a lot with training my rescue Xiasi Hound. Lucky learned to socialize, heel, going to his place and his crate, plus reinforcing all of the standard commands. Friendly, professional and genuinely concerned for our dog. I highly recommend the Seirous K9 Academy.Update:Lucky's died and we now have a new puppy, T-Rex. The Seirios K9 academy team is working with me to train T-Rex to be our dream dog.
Robert Gillelan
I called early this year for information about training our recently adopted Poojter mix from Lebanon. Chris was very informative and gave me all the details of their program. I've heard good things about Seirios online. Due to our budget we didn't signup with Seirios but their training looks top notch.
Gary Machado
Great place.
Frank Orsini
Cest la Meilleure place pour vos chiens. Ma Jasmine de 8 ans est un tout autre chien après 45 jours seulement.
Jasmine vas là depuis le début fin novembre. Elle a 8 ans et jamais été dans un école de dressage. Apres 1 mois, je vois déja la différence. Chris, Sam et Joey ont changés notre vie ! Ils adorent les chiens et ca parait. Ca en vaux l'investissement. Je peux maintenant marcher avec mon chien et elle n'est plus réactive aux autres chiens. Je les adores et recommande cette place à tous ! Martine
Martine Bélanger
What an amazing experience Billie and I had with Chris, Joey, Sam, and all the other members. I can truly say that I have a dream dog with all their hard work. It’s amazing what they have thought to my dog in such a short period of time!
Maxim Belanger
Chris and his team have done amazing work with my dog in a short time. Invest in your dog with these guys and you will not regret it.
Matt Coolen
je voudrais dire Merci et félicitation à toute l’équipe de Seirios K9 pour leurs superbe travaille qu’il font avec JACK ils ont super et jack adore aller à l’académie je recommande Seirios K9 à 100% a tout les gens qui veulent faire dresser leurs chiens.
Chantale & Martial
It had been a few years since I had owned a dog. When we adopted our puppy I thought it would be like riding a bike, however life was about to give me a rude awakening. She became a little too much for me to handle and finally admitted defeat, I needed help. Chris’ services came highly recommended and so I gave him a call, little did I know he’d be a blessing in disguise. Our Pup was enrolled in the Doggy Day School program and we immediately saw results. She was beginning to listen better, learning proper obedience and how to socialize with other dogs. We were so pleased with the results that my husband and I extended her enrollment after her 1-month program was complete. I love Chris and his staff, and our dog gets excited every time I drop her off. True team of professional, patient and caring dog lovers. Highly recommend their services!
Christina Bucci
Exceptional daycare service for a very reasonable price. My dog loves coming here and making friends and spending some of her insane amount of energy.
Nyssa Fry
Un gros merci, tellement une bel approche autant avec nos toutou que nous en tant que clients. Une patience extrême et un experience qui nous aide à progresser. vraiment je recommande cet école à tous. Je ne serais comment remercier Christ et Orféo pour leur travail acharné. Merci encore!!!
Chris showed me the ropes when it comes to dog training. He was my hands on trainer during my time at the Montreals dog training network. He's been a great mentor and is always available when I need him. I couldn't recommend him enough!
Sheldon Ractliffe
L’investissement en vaux la peine, une bonne éducation pour les chiens mais aussi pour les maîtres.
Marie-Eve Labelle
Ils ont changer ma vie avec ma Bella !!!
Danis Charbonneau
My Samoyed Nikita , went for training at Seirios K9 Academy.
Could not have asked for a better teacher. Chris Papakostas, owner and head trainer, is patient , kind , professional and above all, totally understands our furry friends . I highly recommend his establishment for all your doggy training concerns.
Highly recommend Seirios K9 for any type of training for your dog. We drive all way down from Ottawa just for the training with Chris, facility principal. Service is professional. 5 stars - no hesitation!
Youri Semakov
very passionate about his work takes the time to get to know your fur babies to ensure that they're comfortable before beginning the training very patient and explain the process of what he will be doing. we were very satisfied with the way he handled our fur baby.

Thank you
me and my dog will always be grateful for the work chris has done for us !!

it’s a no brainer and highly recommend
My husband and I used Chris's services to train our 3 yr old dog . It was an incredible experience as Chris is excellent at what he does and really connects with the dog . We highly recommend him !
Chris made the impossible, possible with my skittish GSD!!!! She is now sure of herself and oh..soooooo...attentive and well mannered!! Can't thank Chris enough! She is now the dog I've always wanted�
We brought our Bernese Mountain Dog (a rambunctious puppy of 8 months) to board and train with Chris for 3 weeks and we are thrilled with the results. Before her training she would bite, jump, eat everything made of paper, and was not obedient. At 8 months and 80 pounds she became overbearing and sometimes aggressive and we were unable to control her. Since her 3 week boot camp she is a wonderful, obedient, well behaved and loving puppy. We are very thankful to have found Chris who really pays attention to your expectations as a dog owner. At first we were hesitant about using an e-collar but Chris discussed its pros and cons at length as well as all of the other collar options. As of today, the benefits of the e-collar are outstanding, with the pup no worse for wear. We rarely keep her on a leash because she is so obedient. We trust Chris completely, found him to be honest and attentitive to our needs. We highly recommend Chris and Seirios k9 Academy to anyone.
We took our 2 dogs to see Chris. Our first guy benji (shitzu/schnauzer mix) had an issue with agression when u touched his paws and basic house breaking ( pee and poo anywhere). Our second Gizmo had a problem with basic house breaking and attention. After spending time with Chris (3 weeks) benji has come back no agression we can touch his paws and gizmo is now a gentleman In the house and now listens. We thank you so much for your help Chris, with a baby on the way having two well mannered dogs makes it so much more easier and less stressful. For all our future dog needs you have gained us as clients.

Thanks again

Cory & Christina